Speaking OUT to end clergy sexual misconduct.

Dear readers, please pray with me that the bishop will share the truth at the congregational meeting this week. Here is the email I sent to him this morning.

Dear Bishop Mathes,
Thank you for reaching out to me last week. The news about Scott’s new offenses has awakened powerful memories and emotions. It was helpful to get the news directly from you.
When we met, I urged you to disclose the fact of my complaint to the congregation. I feel strongly about this. Your continued silence prevents my full healing, leaves my reputation at the mercy of the rumor mill, and — by feeding a culture of secrecy and innuendo — makes healing harder for new victims of abuse at St. Paul’s.
With this email I am giving you my permission and my urgent plea to disclose the fact that Scott Richardson received at least one substantiated complaint during his tenure at St Paul’s. Especially now, the congregation deserves to know the truth.

Comments on: "A Plea for Truth and Transparency" (5)

  1. Praying! X

  2. Marie Fortune said:

    great. i hope he hears and acts on your request/suggestion.



    Rev. Dr. Marie M. Fortune

    Founder and Senior Analyst

    FaithTrust Institute

    Working together to end sexual & domestic violence

    2900 Eastlake Ave E., Suite 200

    Seattle, WA 98102

    206-634-1903 ext 24

    206-634-0115 fax


    Check out my blog



  3. Marla McBride said:

    I am with you. marla

  4. Nicole Kanofski Photography said:

    Praying also for the right words to be spoken so that truth no longer lingers amongst smoke and mirrors.

  5. Praying. You’re brave submitting this letter.

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