Speaking OUT to end clergy sexual misconduct.

Prayers Answered

God is good.

The bishop spoke truth with courage and compassion.

More words soon. But now, just grateful prayer and rest.

Comments on: "Prayers Answered" (5)

  1. Marie Fortune said:

    Excellent! Finally someone in leadership with a backbone

    I’d love to see his statement

    Good work!! Marie

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  2. Rev Mary Ramsay said:

    I’m very glad for you that your Bishop truely heard. It is such deep suffering to be betrayed by a “servant of God” that incredulity, contempt or disinterest are devistating to a survivor when those reactions occur.
    My Bishop, who never really examined the Priest who had been my “councilor”
    (No training) decided that I was simply mentally ill.
    I was devistated, as you have been or are.
    Years later, I learned he lost his position because he was a predator too.
    I had lost roughly 15 years, had to change denominations, and at long last begun college in my forties.
    Now I have learned that the Priest in question was finally stopped and no longer had standing..
    I’m now a minister— I left the Episcopal church due to this man— and I enjoy my new denomination.
    I am very very grateful for the opportunity to live the call that began pulling on my heart at 12.
    May EVERY Bishop, minister, committee and church official provide care for survivors.

  3. Amen, praise the Lord!

  4. Elaine Dunham said:

    Wonderful news!

  5. Wonderful to hear this. May the Lord be glorified in all of this.

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