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A Litany for Healing and Repentance

The ground underneath me has shifted. I’m still stunned and awed, aware of joy but not yet able to feel it. It’s still too soon to process last night’s healing in my own words, so I’ll share another’s. The bishop concluded the congregational meeting with this shared litany. I can’t properly credit the author without revealing the name of my former church, but it is too beautiful not to share. On the author’s and the bishop’s behalf, I share these words for all survivors and all congregations wounded by clergy misconduct.


A Litany for Healing and Repentance

Together we lift our prayers to you, O God of love, healing and forgiveness.

God the Father, you breathe life into your whole Creation.
Help us breathe deeply of your peace and presence.

God the Son, you give us yourself to make our joy complete.
Help us give our fear, pain, and grief to you.

God the Holy Spirit, you move through our lives in unexpected ways.
Help us move in concert with your life-giving motion.

Holy Trinity, One God, accept our thanks and praise for all the blessings of this life, especially for those blessings that our present circumstances make difficult to see.
Hear us, O Lord of Life. 

Shed the light of your healing love on all affected by misconduct in your church, that they may find new wholeness illumined by your grace.
Hear us, O Lord of Life. 

Knit together in your love all whose relationships have frayed, that they may find reconciliation and new beginnings.
Hear us, O Lord of Life. 

Help us to see and accept our own responsibility in the harm that has been done and for which we repent and seek forgiveness. Give us the wisdom to be a healthier and safer church. May we see that we all participate in this holy, hard and good work.
Hear us, O Lord of Life. 

Hold in the palm of your hand all who are most affected by misconduct in your church both in these days and through the generations. May our repentance move us to a renewed life as a community of the beloved.
Hear us, O Lord of Life. 

Grant all who turn to you the courage to participate with you in restoring this broken world to wholeness, that everyone and everything may share in the hope of your kingdom.
Hear us, O Lord of Life. 

Let us name before God those for whom we offer our prayers.

O God, who calls us to new life: Touch us with your healing powers and give us the will to be co-creators with you of a renewed creation. Heal us, restore us, and transform us. All this we ask in the name of Jesus, the one betrayed and yet the bearer of perfect love. Amen.

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